The water supply/treatment industry uses around 5.3TWh/year of electricity to power its driven equipment, equivalent to 93.5% of its total electrical usage.

At AAR Powerdrives we understand the need to ensure your electric motors are as efficient as possible – whether they are a new requirement, a breakdown or configured to work via an inverter.

Working in partnership with ABB, we can use our industry experience to advise on the best solutions to your rotating electrical equipment requirements, also offering around-the-clock support for breakdowns and routine service work.

With IE4 premium efficiency motors and IE5 synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor packages available, now could be the ideal time to investigate further energy savings by upgrading your current electric motor stock.

AAR Powerdrives can offer a site survey and energy saving report showing the expected energy reduction any recommended new plant would achieve together with a forecast for the time it takes for the investment to pay for itself – which can be surprisingly short.

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