The ABB Smart Sensor

It’s here and in stock - ABB Smart Sensor for motors, pumps and bearings

Imagine for a moment, that you could check on the condition of every electric motor in your entire production facility simply by logging in with your smartphone or laptop. You may want to check that a critical plant main drive motor is not overheating or that the bearings are not about to fail. ABB’s new Smart Sensor will turn this dream into reality.

The compact sensor (it measures just 90mm x 55mm x 12mm) needs no wiring, is easy to fit and can be configured in minutes. The device senses things like temperature, noise, vibration and much more. Using clever algorithms, the information gathered by the sensor is analysed and interpreted into a series of reports (using a traffic light system) outlining the performance and condition of the motor to which it is fitted. This information, which is sent via the sensor’s own built-in wireless interface, is transmitted to a secure cloud-based server and can be accessed using your smartphone.

AAR Powerdrives, as an ABB Value Provider, is able to supply these devices already fitted to the new motors we supply or as a retro fit option for your existing motor assets.

To find out more about the Smart Sensor and how it can help to reduce your plant down time contact us now.

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How it works

Condition monitoring solution for low voltage motors

Smart Sensor