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AAR Powerdrives
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Is your DC Motor failing?

Can you replace your DC motor with an AC motor with the same frame size? – Yes you can 

This motor and drive package may be your quickest solution and also provide energy savings and reduce maintenance costs

ABB’s High dynamic performance motors

The AC induction low inertia motors, High dynamic performance series (HDP) is the ABB solution for several application where compact dimensions and high dynamics are critical.

HDP series have been designed to be used in rough operating conditions and to operate only with a frequency converter. Square frame design and high overload capacity gives the motor an excellent dynamic response due to low moment of inertia and high pulse torque.

Typical fields of applications for this type of induction motors are:

  • Plastic, Paper, Steel, Automation, Entertainment Industry, Machine tools

Main applications are:

  • Plastic and rubber extrusion, Injection moulding, Winders, Lifting, Conveyors, Test benches and more.

HDP Motors

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